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    King Von’s Baby Mama Breaks the Internet as a U.S. Army Officer

    Recently, the internet exploded with the news that Drea, the mother of the late rapper King Von’s child, is an officer in the U.S. Army. Many fans were surprised by this finding and expressed their admiration for the young woman, documenting her life online.

    Drea’s life is living proof of a woman attempting to not only raise her child but navigate through the intricacies of U.S. military service. Her online presence is primarily a series of pictures of her and her son, nicknamed King Von Jr., at the military base where Drea serves. Such pictures have amassed thousands of likes and shares, as more fans were surprised more and more by online discussions and the recent finding.

    King Von, a rising star in Chicago’s drill rap scene, was tragically shot and killed in November 2020. Since then, Drea has remained relatively private , presumably focusing on raising her son. However, the recent online sensational discovery has provided a new perspective on Drea’s life – one of a strong and committed personality.

    Even though the newfound attention is caused by her association with a celebrity, it should not distract from Drea’s personal accomplishments and commitment to her son and her country. It is encouraging to see how people like Drea juggle several things simultaneously and pursue their passions. Surely, raising a son while having a military career is indeed not easy, but Drea inspires many.

    In her TikTok video, Drea revealed her drive to become an army officer, and, among other reasons, she emphasized the financial security that this career held. Drea argued, “Like, what’s hard is being broke. That’s what’s really hard. That’s what’s hard. And the military, they pay you. They pay you a living wage. They take care of you and your family”. This claim reveals that a career in the U.S. Army represents reliable income and benefits for her as well as her dream to obtain financial independence, becoming the one to support her family.

    Fans couldn’t hide their surprise and admiration when they found out that King Von’s baby mama is an officer in the U.S. Army. The TikTok postking-von-baby-momma-in-army” implied that the hashtag’s fans were responding to the news on the app. One Reddit post on the Chiraqology subreddit, for example, included the fans acknowledging Drea’s status as an army officer.

    Drea’s story is a tremendous source of insight into the tenacity and depth of the women who lead multiple lives. Her passion for her son and army and her commitment to her profession are all motivational for so many. But, as we celebrate more girls who do it all, we must remember to give them the respect for their truths and choices.

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