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    Kim Kardashian Shames Brands like Fashion Nova for Stealing Ideas

    Enough is enough.

    After yet another one of the outfits, she’s worn has been manipulated into a low-price design, Kim Kardashian is speaking out. In a series of back-to-back tweets, the Kardashian reveals the disappointment she feels about companies, like Fashion Nova, ripping-off other designer’s hard work.

    “I’ve watched these companies profit off my husband’s work for years and now that it’s also affecting designers who have been so generous to give access to their beautiful works, I can no longer sit silent.”

    Kim speaks about the recent one-of-a-kind Mugler dress she wore to the Hollywood Beauty Awards on Sunday. The dress was a jaw-dropping black vintage dress and showed Kim’s curvaceous figure. Did we mention it was one-of-a-kind? Well not anymore, after the awards, the dress was re-created and selling on Fashion Nova’s website.

    “It’s devastating to see these fashion companies rip off designs that have taken the blood, sweat and tears of true designers who have put their into their own original ideas,”

    Acknowledging Fashion

    KKW was definitely feeling some type of way. She expresses how it isn’t fair to the talented designers who spend their lives crafting beautiful designs– only to have their ideas stolen. She also adds how it isn’t fair to her. For years, Kim explains how it took her ages to build a relationship with designers. Furthermore, only to watch those relationships become strained.

    Overall, Kim K wants people to know that she is not in cahoots with what brands, like FN. The entrepreneur has been on the bad side of the media lately as she has been an advocate for plastic surgery. Hell everything else is fake, so why wouldn’t Kim Kardashian nose be. In addition, she was hit with a $100 million dollar lawsuit because of Kimoji.

    Thoughts? Do you agree with Kim Kardashian? Leave a comment, letting us know how you feel.


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