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    Ecstasy Led Kim Kardashian To Busting It Open On Ray J Sextape

    Ecstasy… It all makes sense now!!

    The Kardashians have become the hallmark of American society from a certain perspective. Kardashian as a brand continues to influence into markets outside of there area of expertise. Regardless if you like the Kardashians as a family, they are still trending, and media outlets will use all resources just be abreast of what their next move is.

    Imagine reading all of what I just wrote, and then finding out that Kim Kardashian said she was on drugs while participating in the famous Ray J sex tape??

    The model, Mother of three, wife, and businesswomen has been the example of what success looks like in the commercial sense of building your brand. That sextape that was released almost over a year ago would be Kim Kardashian-West way into the world of fame.

    Even though a camera is almost always in the Kardashians face, she never really spoke on the sex tape that brought about mixed feelings from fans. In a recent episode of the highly watched televised reality series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Kim was candid and spoke about her past, and where she was at mentally during the time that tape was created.

    During the conversation with Scott Disick and Kim’s younger sister, Kendall Jenner, Mrs. West spoke on her use of the recreational drug use and questionable decisions that led to her to make the tape.

    “Well, you were fun, right? At one time, like you were wild right?” Scott asked Kim, who promptly responded, “Yeah!” “It’s so weird to me, I can’t like picture you being a wild child,” Scott said. “I’ve heard stories about you,” Kendall interjected smiling.”I’ve heard some stuff,” Scott told Kim.”You went to like Disney and you were all high or something.”

    “I didn’t know you like got high,” Kendall said.

    “I got married on ecstasy,” Kim revealed, referencing her brief, first marriage to music producer Damon Thomas. “I did ecstasy once and I got married, I did it again and I made a sex tape. Like everything bad would happen.”

    “You were high on ecstasy when you did the sex tape?!” Scott exclaimed.

    “Absolutely!” Kim replied rather placidly. “Everyone knows it, like my jaw was shaking the whole time.




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