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    Kim Kardashian Makes Epic Jokes During Her SNL Debut

    The old saying goes that time heals all wounds. In Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s case, time has seemingly done wonders for their relationship. The former married couple have been spending loads of time together. Though, they’re not doing so just for the sake of their four beautiful children. Kim K and Yeezy are putting real effort into repairing their marriage. In fact, they’re on such good terms that Kim K made epic jokes about their relationship during her SNL debut.

                           Kim Kardashian’s SNL Debut

    SNL Debut
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    There’s tons of actors and artists that suited to host the comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live. Though, no one expected the showrunners to reach out to tv personality Kim Kardashian. At first, Kim K’s SNL debut announcement startled audiences. Many even doubted her talents beyond reality tv. Though, it turns out that the beauty mogul does indeed have a funny bone.

    During her opening monologue, Kim K delivered some of the most epic jokes about her and Yeezy’s relationship ever. Though, on the sweeter side of things, the 40-year-old did acknowledge her former husband’s better qualities. “I married the greatest rapper ever. And not only that, he’s the wealthiest Black man in America. He’s an immensely gifted genius who blessed me with four amazing children.” she said of her husband, Kanye West, at the start of the show,” the reality star said during her monologue. Clearly, Kim K and Yeezy are on such good terms with each other that they can compliments each other.

                The Reality Star’s Jokes Keep Coming

    SNL Debut
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    Not only did Kim K make jokes about her and Yeezy’s divorce, but she also shaded her famous family. In particular the 40-year-old joked about Kris Jenner’s longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble being a gold-digger. Additionally, she threw herself under the bus by cracking a joke at her sex tape. Clearly, Kim K’s SNL debut didn’t suffer as much as many assumed.

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