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    Killer Mike Ripped A Hole In DJ Envy’s Ass Over Public Education

    Killer Mike ain’t fucking with The Breakfast Club today.

    Killer Mike made an appearance on the “world’s most dangerous morning show,” The Breakfast Club. And if you know, as we do, he is not one to hold his tongue. He’s an advocate for standing against sexual assault and supporting black-owned banks. So the Breakfast Club wasn’t ready!

    During his interview, they addressed his new Netflix series Trigger Warning. In addition, they also addressed his feelings on interracial marriage. But what stole the show, literally was a heated debate with DJ Envy about public vs private schools.

    Around the thirty-five minute mark, Killer Mike opened up about his education linked with “black pride” and how it helped his confidence.

    He stated:

    “I don’t care if I was a C student, I had a sense of pride. The community was black, my teachers were black, they taught me some imaginary white kids out there in the suburbs we were competing with so had to do better. That gave me purpose, so by the time I met white children, I was an equal.”

    And of course, DJ Envy and his “privileged” mindset took offense. He responded by stating:

    “I had to take three or four buses to get to school, but the education was way better than the one at Andrew Jackson. Not only was the education better, but it gave me better opportunities putting hat school on my application.”

    The debate ensues and lets’s just say that Killer Mike won the battle. But, we are not gonna spoil the fun. You have to watch the clip above. Here’s a hint: Start at the 35-minute mark. Or you can watch the moment below!

    So what do you think? Does he make a valid point on education?

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