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    Kid On Lebron James Acquiring Rights To “House Party”

    Besides the highly anticipated Marvel film lineup, there’s tons of other movies to look forward to in the coming year. There’s several great films waiting to hit the theaters, such as Lebron James “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” The animated space odyssey offers a sequel to the 1991 film “Space Jam” that originally starred basketball player Michael Jordan. While James has yet to live up to the original film, the NBA star has been greenlighted for his next project “House Party.” In fact, Lebron James received the thumbs up from Kid from Kid N’ Play on acquiring the rights to “House Party.”

    Kid Salutes Lebron James “House Party” Remake

    House Party
    via The Boombox

    In the era of film remakes and years-long sequels, it seems that Hollywood loves movie classics. Joining the long-list of remakes, comes Lebron James “House Party.” The basketball star recently acquired the rights to direct the film and most people took the news well. In fact, James received the thumbs up from the lead cast members, including Christopher “Kid” Reid.

    “House Party” initially launched the careers of Kid and his counterpart Christopher “Play” Martin. It seemed likely that the hip-hop icons would be opposed to a remake; however, they’ve showed nothing but support for James. Furthermore, Kid himself said during his interview with TMZ Sports that he fully “trust” James and his team on the film project. “They’re going to do a great job.” Looks like Reid’s just fine with the NBA star acquiring the rights to direct the 1990 classic. James remake better live up to the hype.

    Will Kid Star In The Remake?

    House Party
    via Daily Mail

    Now that Lebron James received the greenlight from Christopher “Kid” Reid, it’s only right that he let the icon reprise his role. At this point, it’s unclear whether Kid will star in the film. When TMZ Sports popped the big question, he simply replied, “We’ll see.” Obviously, the “House Party” veteran wants to keep the details of the remake secret. If Lebron James plays it smart with “House Party” remake, he’ll for sure tap Christopher ‘Kid” Reid to reprise his role.

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