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    Kid N’ Play’s Christopher Reid Got Paid More Than Friday Cast

    Hollywood has a huge list of talented entertainers and actors to choose from. For instance, the popular 90’s HipHop band Kid N’ Play became one of the brightest and biggest stars. No one could forget Christopher Martin’s lyricism or Christopher “Kid” Reid’s iconic high-top fade haircut. The HipHip dou starred in the 1990’s film House Party which became popular among audiences. Furthermore, Reid revealed that he received a bigger payday than the cast members who starred in Friday.

                Christopher “Kid” Reid’s Big PayDay

    via Gazette Review

    It just goes to show that being the frontman to a band works in a person’s favor. Of course, Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid and Christopher Martin basically could put any professional dancer to shame. However, only one of them had more star power. That extra stardom certainly made Christopher ‘Kid” Reid stand out from the HipHop dou.

    The 57-year-old did an interview with VladTv where he explained that he received a huge payday for his role in the 1990’s House Party films. When the interviewee drew a comparison between House Party and Friday’s cast members, Reid made it known he received a bigger payday. “I got more than that. Nah, we didn’t get a lot and I got the most. Play and I probably got the most out of everybody. It wasn’t a lot of money to the point they actually paid you in paychecks. We would get paychecks on Friday,” Reid said during the interview. Though, he never specified how much the producers paid him. Although, after playing the lead role in three movies, we’re sure Reid made loads of money.

                Lebron James Announces The Remake

    via The Boombox

    Despite the fact that the late 90’s film House Party film already has three movies, some have called for a remake. Long-time fan Lebron James plans to remake the film using the original actors. According to sources, Lebron James HipHop company SpringHill plans to revive the movie from over 30 years ago. Hopefully, Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid will get an even bigger payday with the reboot.

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