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    Kid Cudi Thinks TikTok Is Wack

    Social media consumes our everyday lives. In particular, TikTok has provided undiscovered artists and rising talents with their first breakout records. Additionally, the app has made classics like Kid Cudi’s “Day N Night” popular again to a new generation of listeners. While most entertainers appreciate the extra likes and streams, others like rapper Kid Cudi don’t. The rapper made it loud and clear that he’s not a fan of TikTok. He even dared to call the app wack.

                             Kid Cudi Finds TikTok Wack

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    TikTok loves taking oldies like Paul Anka’s “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and pairing it with mainstream hits like Doja Cat’s “Streets” to create trendy dance challenges. It’s the simple fact that the app turns any track into a mega hit instantly. Most stars respect the process and even try to capitalize off of it, like Doja Cat’s recently released video for “Streets.” However, Kid Cudi finds the app “wack.”

    Recently, TikTok released their newest “Day N Night” challenge where kids mouth the line, “Now look at this,” before cutting out the following line. “Day N Night”, off of Cudi’s A Kid Named Cudi’s album, still remains one of the biggest songs by the rapper. Everyone just loves his rap genius and now they’ve decided to put it in a TikTok challenge. However, Cudi wasn’t at all flattered by the challenge at all. “I don’t like what they did to my song on TikTok, taking out the lyrics. It’s a weird time we live in. I’m not flattered,” he tweeted. The rapper even called the TikTok challenge “wack.” Harsh words.

                     Fans Think He’s Being Melodramatic

    via NME

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and Kid Cudi is no different. Fans immediately took to social media to throw backlash at the rapper’s disapproval of the “Day N Night” TikTok challenge. Most even attempted to call the rapper melodramatic. The rapper responded to his so-called “fans” on Twitter, saying, “There’s nothing wrong with me stating that I don’t approve. My lyrics are essential to me, and I’m passionate about my music, so I don’t care if anyone has a problem with that.” People forget that celebrities have feelings and opinions, too. They’re not robots. Kid Cudi just expressed how he felt, simple as that.

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