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    Kiana Lede And Kehlani Have An Affair In “Ur Bestfriend” Single

    With so much great music coming out, it’s hard to find the best song available. Emerging R&B singer Kiana Lede has single-handedly become one of the best talents to come out of 2021. The artist has come a long way since her KidzBop and “Scream” days. She’s released a handful of great singles that became chart-topping tracks. Now Kiana Lede continues to release great music, her most recent drop being her newest single “Ur Bestfriend” featuring Kehlani.

                The R&B Singers Engage In Their Deepest Desires In “Ur Bestfriend” Single

    Ur Bestfriend
    via Twitter

    When two artists join forces, it brings about a great performance. Kiana Lede and Kehlani certainly have created the perfect R&B duet. In particular, Lede teased the cover art and scenes from the upcoming video for their latest single “Ur Bestfriend” on her Instagram. The star even gushed about working with Kehlani. While there’s no word yet on when the video will drop, the singer did luckily provide fans with the track. On Friday night, Kiana Lede released the new single and it’s everything fans dreamed of.

    Furthermore, the song details Kehlani and Kiana Lede giving into their deepest temptations. The song starts off with the “Fairplay” singer wishing she was with her lover rather than her boyfriend. “I wish it was someone else, I was with my partner last night. And I just realized that what I felt that night wasn’t incorrect.” Clearly, Lede had every intention of raising the heat level with this single.

    Though, the track’s heat level rises when Kehlani sings her verse. It’s majorly the same as Lede’s verse, though with a little more insight into their affair. “And he’s almost perfect/And that’s why it hurts/And he calls me family, that’s what make it worse.” The plot thickens as Kehlani reveals that Lede’s boyfriend knows her. Moreover, the two women allude to having a same-sex relationship. That’ll make for an interesting video.

                              Kiana Lede’s KIKI Album

    Ur Bestfriend
    via REVOLT

    By releasing such great music, Kiana Lede makes it clear she’s only getting better with her artistry. Lede released several singles and EPs before finally launching her debut album, KIKI, in August of last year. In addition, the R&B singer dropped a deluxe album a few months afterward. Furthermore, Lede’s album included some impressive features like Ari Lennox, Lucky Daye, Ant Clemons and Jacquees. While Kehlani doesn’t appear on the album, Kiana Lede could add the singer to the long list of dream collabs.

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