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    Kevitch’s Dreamy New Single “Don’t Let Go” Captures Unconditional Love

    The Philadelphia-born lo-fi R&B artist Kevitch has released a mesmerizing new single, “Don’t Let Go,” ahead of her forthcoming debut EP in summer 2023 via Nettwerk, which promises to be an atmospheric body of work that will showcase her talent for crafting chill-pop anthems.

    The track featuring Kevitch’s ethereal vocals, delicate guitar, and subtle drums is a dreamy, R&B-tinged soundscape that captures the essence of unconditional love with a soothing blend of velvet hallucination that will transport you to a dark beach.
    Kevitch’s past releases, “Sunrise” and “IDC,” offer a glimpse into the otherworldly soundscape she’s capable of creating, and “Don’t Let Go” lyrics evoke the bittersweet nature of holding onto a fleeting experience, hoping to keep it from ever fading away. Exercising full creative autonomy over her music, Kevitch aspires to imprint her self-awareness onto her listeners. “Don’t Let Go” serves as a testament to her distinct style and her talent in encapsulating the very core of unwavering, unconditional love.

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