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    Kevin Holliday ATL Concert Review

    The best things in life are free. Free samples, free food, and especially free concert tickets. Just my luck. While browsing through the depths of my email, something caught my eye. It had the name of a local venue and a rising artist, Kevin Holliday, I was familiar with.

    To my surprise, someone on his team blessed me with complimentary tickets for his upcoming show. As unexpected as it was, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend.

    On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the concert occurred at an Atlanta venue called Aisle 5. This was my first time attending a show at this venue, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. My only background knowledge of this place is that it was the go-to spot for indie/alternative shows.

    When I arrived, I noticed something that never happens at concerts. After checking in at the call-in desk, security didn’t even attempt to search me. This would never happen at a hip-hop show. Right then and there, this let me know what kind of audience this was. I sighed in relief, knowing that I wouldn’t get stuck in a powerful mosh pit.

    Who Is Kevin Holliday?

    Before I explain the actual show, I have to give some background info on the artist. The artist is Kevin Holliday, and he comes from New York.

    I was introduced to his music over the summer. To me, his most remarkable asset had to be his smooth voice. So getting to see Kevin live was a full-circle moment.

    Breakdown of the Show

    Avoiding all the typical concert filler, I couldn’t have arrived at any better time. Somehow, I came as soon as his set started. Now I won’t pretend I knew every song from his setlist. But I will say that listening to his charismatic set made me want to go back and listen to his discography.

    He knows how to control a crowd with his mesmerizing talent. I remember when he introduced his song “Liar,” and he interacted with the crowd by asking, “Who be lying?”.

    On some improv comedy shit, he jokingly responded to himself by saying, “I will be lying sometimes,” and got a chuckle out of the crowd. Little moments like that add to the concert experience and show the artists’ effort to leave an impression.

    Kevin also had a live band performing alongside him, making his set much more enjoyable. Usually, when the music is hitting, the crowd matches the energy. But not this time. The crowd chilled for the most part.

    It’s such a different concert crowd than I’m generally used to. Speaking of the crowd, I must tell you a funny memory from the show. While he was performing, without any direct instruction from Kevin, people start moving in this unplanned unison. It was like a left-to-right swaying motion.

    I wouldn’t even call it dancing. I wish I would’ve recorded, but I was just so in awe I couldn’t help but laugh. But all that mattered is they were having a good time.

    Final Thoughts

    All-in-all, I had a way better time than I expected. That’s not the typical concert that I usually would attend. But that could change, especially if Kevin Holliday is performing.

    Be sure to follow Kevin Holliday on Instagram.


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