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    Kevin Hart Cancels “Cancel Culture”

    When it comes to taking on Cancel Culture, some celebrities don’t back down. Comedian Kevin Hart certainly doesn’t let the haters ruin his day. Recently, the Jumanji actor came under fire for his 2018 homophobic comments that have resurfaced. Rather than lying low or burying his head in the sand, Hart called out Cancel Culture. In fact, he cancelled “Cancel Culture” by simply not caring what people think of him.

                Kevin Hart Tells Cancel Culture He’s Evolved

    Cancel Culture
    via Complex

    Celebrities have a tough job when it comes to carrying the world on their shoulders. Every word they say will be used against them. Back in 2018 and again 2019 at the Academy Awards, Kevin Hart faced backlash for his homophobic jokes. Unfortunately, those same jabs resurfaced again after his recent interview with the Sunday Times. The comedian specifically addressed his stance on Cancel Culture, basically calling it “nonsense.”

    During the interview, Kevin Hart explained that he’s been cancelled by Cancel Culture several times. Fortunately, it doesn’t even phase him anymore. More importantly, he touched on the backlash he’d received for his 2018 homophobic comments that recently resurfaced. The star expressed his sincerest regrets again during his interview with Sunday Times.

    However, he also noted that like everyone else, he’s learned from his past mistakes. “Everyone can change… You realize that the words you say may have consequences. I can’t be the same comedian I was when I started in this industry,” Hart expressed during the interview. Furthermore, the actor and comedian made a bizarre comparison between his situation and an incarcerated person unsuccessfully finding a job. Nonetheless, Kevin Hart made it clear he’s not losing sleep over Cancel Culture.

                The Comedian Takes The “Your Not Funny” Slander With A Grain Of Salt

    Cancel Culture
    via CNN

    When it comes to showbiz, never to take anything at face value. By Kevin Hart being a mega star comedian, he doesn’t let the haters take away his “energy.” In light of his recent commentary on Cancel Culture, the star once again faced backlash. Not only have people knocked him for his past homophobic comments, but now they claim he’s “not funny.”

    Internet trolls even took to Twitter to compare his Sunday Times commentary to that of other comedic legends like Kat Williams and Eddie Murphy. Fortunately, the social media slander didn’t bother Hart one bit. In fact, he weaponized the “not funny” slander and threw it right back at the critics. “The ‘He’s not funny’ criticism is the most amusing… this is my response. I have three stand-up comedy specials that rank among the top 10 highest-grossing of all time… two of my specials are in the top 3,” Hart tweeted in response to his detractors. The comedian just checked Cancel Culture.



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