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    Kevin Gates Drags His Wife In New Freestyle Super General

    Relationships don’t come easy for anyone, especially not rapper Kevin Gates. The often unfiltered rapper really aired out all of his relationship woes on his new freestyle “Super General.” In the past year, the Bread Winner-Atlantic Records star went through some serious ups and downs in his marriage to Dreka Gates. Unfortunately, the two are way past the marriage counseling stage as Kevin Gates attacks his former wife in the new freestyle track.

    Kevin Gates Comes For Dreka

    On June 9, Kevin Gates dropped his newest freestyle “Super General” where he talks about everything from his substance abuse, to his insecurities and even his troublesome marriage to Dreka Gates. Specifically, Gates dragged his ex wife for cheating on him and being forced to save her from public scrutiny. To make matters worse, Gates’ team forced him to make the song “Dreka” in order to save his wife’s career. Talk about manipulation. Clearly, the rapper suffered a lot of emotional turmoil during and after their marriage ended. Now, he refuses to hold back anymore.

    He’s Moving On From The Heartache

    Kevin Gates
    via Urban Islandz

    Obviously, the “Big Gangsta” rapper and his former love won’t be making up any time soon. According to sources, Gates’ unapologetic freestyle basically confirmed what we’ve all been thinking; he and Dreka have ended their marriage. Rather than taking a break from dating, Kevin Gates has seemingly moved on with someone new. Recently, Gates has been spotted hanging out with Love & Hip-Hop Miami star Jojo Zarur. Furthermore, the rapper supposedly shared their “status” via Instagram with a sweet caption. Additionally, photos of Zarur appeared in Gates “Super General” music video.

    The reality star herself even hinted at a possible romance brewing between them when a fan tried to accuse Gates of cheating on his wife.

    “Lol, he’s actually single. Get your facts straight,” Zarur wrote on social media.

    Even with all the pain and suffering Kevin Gates endured with his last relationship, he still wants to find love.

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