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    Kevin Gates Boldly Shares His Beyoncé Fantasy

    Queen Bey has remained one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women in the world. Several celebrity men have proclaimed their love for Beyoncé. Unfortunately, some of those proclamations can be a little explicit and downright cringey. Recently divorced Kevin Gates shared his biggest sexual fantasies of with some of hip-hop’s biggest female stars in his “Super General” freestyle. One of them involved receiving a golden shower from Beyoncé.

    Kevin Gates Wants A Golden Shower From Queen Bey

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    It’s no secret that Beyoncé still has guys chasing after her right and left. Though, some guys forget that Queen Bey married Jay-Z and they have kids together. Apparently, that bit of reality went out the window for rapper Kevin Gates after he boldly admitted his biggest Beyoncé fantasy in his “Super General” freestyle track.

    During a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, Gates was asked if he received any backlash for the verse of Beyoncé giving him a golden shower. According to the rapper, no one has said a peep.

    “She’s the most beautiful woman in the world . . . Who wouldn’t want that?” he told Bootleg Kev.

    Of course, Kevin Gates assures us that he said the verse with respect. Arguably, the rapper has no filter. He should count his lucky stars that Jay-Z hasn’t jumped into the conversation yet.

    Gates Says He Speaks For Everyone

    Beyonce Fantasy
    Kevin Gates, Beyoncé via XXL Mag

    The interview with Bootleg Kev became even more cringe-worthy after Gates argued that all his friends share similar Beyoncé fantasies. Furthermore, the rapper claims that his crew who refers to as “Monsters” and those in jail all want a golden shower from Queen Bey. While that may be true, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be said aloud. Gates continued to dig himself further into a hole when he claimed that people who found the “Super General” verse disrespectful, “weren’t being themselves.” This guy really has a way with women, doesn’t he?

    Let us know what you think. Did you find Kevin Gates admission of his sexual fantasy with Beyoncé disrespectful? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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