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    Ken Paxton Impeached: Will He Be Removed from Office?

    The Senate started Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial in Texas on Wednesday. They’re deciding if Paxton, a Republican, did serious wrongs that should kick him out of office. It’s rare for one party to judge their own member in this divided time.

    Ken Paxton’s impeachment

    Paxton, 59, faces charges like taking bribes, using his job for personal gain, and wrongly firing deputies who reported him. If found guilty, he might not hold office in Texas again. This trial hits Paxton hard.

    He’s known for fighting big legal battles nationally, even trying to change the 2020 election result and backing Trump’s tax cuts. But his power has slipped as conservative party members gained strength. Prosecutors say Paxton misused his office for personal profit and to protect a friend from the FBI’s investigation into a real estate developer in Austin.

    In his opening speech, prosecutor Kent Murr said Paxton “abused his office’s power” by settling with former deputies who revealed private business deals using taxpayers’ money. Murr claims Paxton broke his oath and state laws. Defense lawyer Tony Buzbee thinks the case is just political noise.

    He’ll bring evidence to dispute the charges. He argues that removing a chamber member due to politics isn’t good. These hearings will take two weeks.

    Paxton can only be removed with 21 votes from the 31-member Senate, and two-thirds must be Republican. This is Texas’s first time impeaching a statewide official. Watch for updates on this case.

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