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    Kawahi Lenoard Is Dropping New Music??

    NBA Player Kawahi Leonard’s “Culture Jam” is dropping Friday, which has many of us lost.

    2-time finals MVP Kawahi Leonard has a new project entitled “Culture Jam” this Friday, showing he can do more than play ball. The collaborative project features NBA Youngboy and Rod wave, while a portion of the proceeds will go to the Mamabacita Foundation.

    One of the most enigmatic players in NBA history, Kawahi Leonard on the surface appears simple but beneath the calm exterior is much more. Most NBA fans probably think of Leonard as just one of those weird anti-social kids that don’t talk. However, there are moments where the “LeBron stopper” shows flashes of humanity. His infamous laugh, the “fun-guy” monicker, seems like society is excited anytime Kawahi shows emotion.

    This last act by Leonard is sure to leave people pondering even more; the quiet “fun-guy” is putting out music. In comparison, this may seem like a small feat to most people. In a social media-driven world, a celebrity of Kawahi status is putting himself up for a lot of ridicule trying such a thing.

    Yet here we are. “Culture Jams” is a real thing, and the Track “Everything Different” ft NBA YoungBoy and Rod Wave is dropping May 7th. The Track also has a video featuring high school phenom Mikey Willams. Williams was on Instagram Live with Leonard when he made the announcement and previewed the song.

    What do you guys think about Kawahi Leonard dropping music? Do you think it gonna be fire or trash?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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