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    Katoria Chanyasubkit Releases Anticipated Film, For the Streets

    A director, writer, Executive Producer, Katoria Chanyasubkit is a force to be reckoned with. the entrepreneur has recently released her new film, Strictly For the Streets – a coming to age story of a young HBCU student who must come face to face with following the codes of the street or losing everything in the process. We sat down with the multifaceted mogul to learn more about her current projects, HBCU Experience and more!

    1. HypeFresh: Tell us about your current project Strictly for The Streets. Strictly For The Streets is a film about the black woman’s binary experience.

    Katoria: Shantel leaves Princeton her senior year to attend an HBCU in Savannah, GA. She moves in with her cousin and experiences the layers of the black community.

    1. HypeFresh: If you could have the audience take away something for watching this film, what would that be?

    Katoria: I want the audience to appreciate the complexities within our community and learn to inspire each other to be better. I also want the young people to be mindful of the company they keep.

    The HBCU Experience

    1. HypeFresh: In the film, the main character Shantel transfers to a HBCU, mostly to be around people that look like her. Did you attend an HBCU and why do you think going to an HBCU is important?

    Katoria: I attended Savannah State University, I believe going to an HBCU is very important for black students because it creates an environment where people that look like you are all pushing towards something higher. HBCU’s are diverse and rich in experiences and culture. I believe a lot of young, talented, intelligent black kids in one spot is magical.

    1. HypeFresh: The Oscars aired recently? If you could work with one Actor/Actress who would that be?

    Katoria: I would like to work with Clayton English, he’s a talented writer and comedian.

    1. HypeFresh: What other projects are you currently working on?

    Katoria: We have a new season of Dishing With Dejoire (our cooking show) and of course every Friday The Mommy Lounge After Hours Show with Ms. Niko on The Mommy Lounge Network.

    Upcoming Projects

    1. HypeFresh: You write, direct, executive produce. Is there anything that you can’t do? What other roles are you hoping to take on in the next year?

    Katoria: I also edited the film, I am inspired by Tyler Perry who will play whatever role necessary to make the film come to life. I like being behind the camera but I have taken on a character before in my show Crap and Cake. I think I’ve taken on every role when it comes to creating a film, I’m looking to give more opportunities and doing less jobs.  I rather delegate at this point.

    1. HypeFresh: I hear that you’ve also done music. What do you like most about making music and if you had to choose between making music and making films, what would you pick?

    Katoria: Yes, I’m also a hip-hop musician. I make music from a place of inspiration. I don’t record every day like most artists. I’m a writer first of all, and I write everything, Scripts, music, essays, poetry, whatever I’m inspired to do. Sometimes I feel like putting my writing to music and in flow form. I do not choose between music and film because I’m writing the entire time.

    1. HypeFresh: Where can audience members catch the latest updates?

    Katoria: You can watch the movie Strictly For The Streets Vol. 1

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