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    Kate Middleton’s surprising alcohol rule even at Christmas

    It’s Christmas time, and everyone, including the Royal Family, is in the holiday spirit. They celebrate Christmas at Sandringham Palace, the Queen’s country home in Norfolk. But there’s a surprising rule: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and other senior royals are prohibited from getting drunk.

    The Royal Family has been celebrating Christmas at Sandringham House since 1988. They have many sweet traditions. They decorate the Christmas tree, a tradition started by Queen Charlotte, George III’s wife. On Christmas Eve, they exchange gifts. The Queen and other Royals attend a morning service on Christmas Day at St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham. Every year, the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh send around 750 Christmas Cards with a family photo.

    The Queen gives Christmas presents to all members of The Royal Household. She also offers Christmas puddings to her staff, a tradition her father and grandfather started. She donates money to charities in Windsor and gives Christmas trees to several churches and schools.

    But there’s one rule during the Christmas feast at Sandringham House: senior royals, including Kate Middleton, must not get drunk. This rule is essential to maintain the royal family’s good image. It’s also a reminder to drink responsibly.

    Kate Middleton's surprising alcohol rule even at Christmas

    The Christmas feast at Sandringham House is lavish, with turkey and various wines. The Royals’ drink choices are interesting. Kate Middleton enjoys a range of drinks, from Guinness to Jack Daniels, and even a special cocktail called “Crack Baby.” The Queen, on the other hand, prefers a simple gin and Dubonnet cocktail.

    Kate Middleton's surprising alcohol rule even at Christmas

    There were rumors about the Queen drinking alcohol daily. But her former chef said that’s not true. Even though she likes gin and Dubonnet, she doesn’t drink it daily. This shows that what we see isn’t always the truth, and it’s important not to drink too much.

    So, even though the Queen’s former chef has denied rumors about her daily alcohol intake, it’s clear that the Royals enjoy a good drink, but always in moderation.

    King Charles and Queen Camilla will host this year in what’s said to be a large gathering, which is said to include the addition of Camilla’s children. But although a private family gathering, Kate, William, and Charles’ siblings will still have to be careful about the booze.

    The Royal Family’s Christmas combines old traditions, careful drinking, and personal choices. It’s a classic celebration that also includes modern tastes. Kate Middleton’s way of celebrating reminds us that it’s essential to keep a balance even in enormous celebrations.

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