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    Kanye West Zero-Budget Super Bowl Ad Rakes in $19.3 Million in 24 Hours!

    Kanye West has once again proved his genius and creativity. His latest Super Bowl commercial for his Yeezy brand is the latest example. The rapper and fashion mogul filmed the 30-second ad on his cell phone. He was in the backseat of a car. He spent no money on production. The only expense was the $7 million price tag for the airtime.

    The ad was simple and direct. Kanye urged viewers to visit and explore his new merchandise. It included soft goods, Vultures vinyl, and the YEEZY POD. This wearable thing connects to the user’s brain and plays music.

    The advertisement spread rapidly across various social media platforms. Fans praised its authenticity and innovation. It drove a massive amount of traffic to the Yeezy website. This resulted in a staggering 284,357 orders within 24 hours of the ad’s airing. This translated to an estimated $19.3 million in sales. The most popular item was the YEEZY POD, which sold 266,000 units.

    The soft goods were priced at HKD 159, and the Vultures vinyl was priced at HKD 318. This makes them affordable and accessible to a wide range of customers. You can still pre-order the YEEZY POD and all the other products on the website. They promise delivery within 30 days.

    Kanye West’s unconventional approach to advertising has shown the power of authenticity and out-of-the-box thinking in achieving extraordinary success. He has demonstrated that sometimes, less is more. A cell phone and a car can be enough to create a marketing sensation.

    The commercial was directed by Kitao Sakurai, a filmmaker and comedian who has worked on projects such as The Eric Andre Show and Bad Trip. He is also a friend of Kanye West and has collaborated with him on other occasions. Sakurai said he had the “surreal honor of directing Kanye” in an Instagram post.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kanye West filmed the 30-second ad on his cell phone in the backseat of a car, spending no money on production besides the $7 million price tag for the airtime. He said he wanted to promote his Yeezy website and his new merchandise simply and directly. He also said that he spent all the money on the commercial spot, so he had no budget left for the actual commercial. He added that he wanted to show his authenticity and innovation to his fans.

    The ad was filmed in Los Angeles, California, on January 31, 2024. It aired during the game’s second quarter, which an estimated 103.4 million viewers watched.

    The Yeezy brand was launched by Kanye West in 2015 in partnership with Adidas. It is known for its sneakers, apparel, and accessories that feature minimalist and futuristic designs. The brand has been praised for its influence, innovation in the fashion industry, and cultural and social impact. Forbes estimates that the worth of the Yeezy brand is $1.5 billion billion.

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