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    Kanye West Arrives at White House For Lunch with Trump

    Kanye West has arrived as promised for his lunch meeting with President Trump at the White House in Washington.

    The two plan on sitting down and discussing several important political matters.

    More updates to be announced as details unfold throughout the day.

    Updated: 1:57 PM EST

    Updated: 1:59 PM EST

    Quoted from Kanye West:

    “When I put this hat on, it made me feel like Superman,” Kanye said of his contentious decision to regularly wear Trump’s Make America Great Again hat. He also defended his controversial tweet about abolishing the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, arguing the 13th Amendment was “a trapdoor” for African Americans to end up in prison “next to the Unibomber.” He said the fact that most skyscrapers don’t recognize having a thirteenth floor (13 is regarded as unlucky per superstition) is an indicator that the amendment should be removed. “I think the way the universe works is perfect—we don’t have 13 floors, do we?”

    Updated: 2:01 PM EST

    Earlier in the visit, someone asked if Kanye could be president in the future. Trump replied, “Could very well be,” to which Kanye added, “Only after 2024.” The two also hugged during the visit.


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