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    Kanye West Vs. Cancel Culture: Why The Rapper Hasn’t Been Cancelled

    Since his divorce from Kim Kardashian, Ye has been off the chain. He may own a few clothing lines, have a $2 billion net worth and even start his church. However, his antics have just about reached a limit with the American public.

    Recently, the rapper has made some questionable choices. The rapper has recently been in and out of the media for his controversial comments toward Black and Jewish people. If Cancel Culture doesn’t cancel Ye by now, he will be very soon.

    Ye’s Controversial Comments Go Unchecked By Cancel Culture

    via The Jewish Chronicle

    Unfortunately, some celebrities don’t have a filter. Kanye West doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions or words.

    In the last few weeks, Ye has made racist comments towards the Black community and Jewish people alike. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the rapper has made polarizing comments towards another race, including his own.

    During Paris Fashion Week, he debased the Black Lives Matter Movement as a scam and trolled the movement with a “White Lives Matter” shirt.

    Even worse, he previously voiced his opinions on slavery, claiming that it never existed! Ye received significant backlash for his discriminatory comments toward the Black community, and rightfully so!

    The backlash didn’t stop him from attacking Jewish people this week. In deleted footage from Ye’s interview with Tucker Carlson, the rapper made discriminatory comments toward Jewish people. Making matters worse, Ye praised Hitler and the Nazis.

    After this latest stunt, it’s a mystery how Ye still has a career. By this point, the rapper has more than likely upset much of Hollywood and even lost a few friends along the way.

    Even with all the bans and backlash he’s received, he still hasn’t been canceled.

                The Rapper Gets Away With Murder

    via uDiscover Music

    When it comes to Ye, he’s done and said just about everything imaginable. The 45-year-old makes more headlines for his shenanigans than for his actual music.

    Unfortunately, the media sheds a bright and glaring light on the rapper, making his faults stand out more and more. Arguably, the media has made his behavior acceptable.

    Very few celebrities can get away with murder. Ye has managed to escape even the watchful eye of “cancel culture”. Despite his controversial comments toward Jewish people and the Black community, he still comes out on top!

    Ye even maintains a faithful following without fail. Not to mention, Ye has an answer for everything when his choices are questioned. The man knows how to work the media, possibly even in his favor!

    How much more will the public tolerate from Ye before it’s time to pull the plug?

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