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    Kanye West’s New Tech Industry Business Move And What To Expect

    Kanye West is Returning to SNLIf you’ve heard of Kanye, you’ve definitely heard of Donda. West is getting his hands into every business that you can imagine. Kanye is dabbling in the field of technology—and stamping Donda’s name on it. From ripped garments to his beguiling entrepreneurial business sense to launch electronics.

    Ye Don’t Play

    Ye’s candid persona makes the people love him, but it also makes the people hate him. Evidently Kanye admires the hate, it’s how he fuels his brilliant ideas. The fuel is not in vain, he is about what he says he’s about.

    Knowing Kanye

    Kanye’s emotional public meltdowns are only a side effect of his unsurpassable brilliance. Clearly, he does not hold back. He is also known for on and office beef with lover boy Drake and telling The Grammys how he really feels on Twitter.

    There is no shame in his game. If there is something to be said, Kanye would love to say it. He is true to the art of expression through various mediums of art and technology.

    For example, his new line will include, smart glasses, smart rings, surround systems, audio speakers and more according to Source.

    It’s the hustle for Kanye; therefore, making him the richest industry artist in America.

    Ye’s History of Business Savvy

    Since Kanye’s debut in 2004, the MBDTF artist boasts the proud gift his mother Donda invested in him, confidence.

    Nevertheless, in 2021, he’s still saying and doing the unbelievable. Ye’s outspoken persona makes the people want to listen to him because they hate him.

    According to Unabridged, in April of 2007, the rapper dropped the Air Yeezy 1, retailing at $215. The rapper’s start of his fashion designer dreams came true.

    New Technology with Donda and Yeezy

    Trademarking is a very familiar tool Kanye uses to draw in billions. Recently, Kanye’s company filed for a trademark application.

    Furthermore, the new anticipated line of Donda electronics will soon be available for purchase.

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