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    Kanye West Claims He Makes $8 Million Per Live Performance

    Both old and new rap stars have boasted about how much they charge for features . While some ring true, others are downright fabricated tall-tales. Rappers love bragging about being the best , but only a handful actually can afford to live up to that title. GOAT rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, may be going through growing pains. Fortunately, he manages to stay on top in the rap scene. Recently, Ye claimed that he takes home $8 million per show after a hip hop Instagram account tried to down-play his take-home pay. There’s a reason why he’s a billionaire.

    Kanye West Gets Paid $8 Million Per Show

    $8 million
    via Reuters

    The “All of The Lights” rap star makes sure his checkbook comes out correct. Ye especially makes certain these publications put out accurate information about his performance fees. Several artists have stated on more than one occasion that Ye is one hard man to book for a guest appearance. Though, it’s not because he’s a difficult star to please but because he’s too expensive.

    Recently, Yeezy had to set HipHop Instagram account RapThoughtsDaily straight after they inaccurately calculated his performance fees. Furthermore, the account stated that he made $1 million less than the actual number. However, Ye took to the comments, revealing that he makes a whooping $8 million per live show. It’s no wonder he’s one of the richest rap stars in the U.S. He makes well over 7 figures just from performing at shows.

    He Walked Away From Millions Of Dollars Once

    $8 million
    via Thirsty for News

    Many consider Ye a GOAT rapper, which means he charges GOAT fees on features, production and at live concerts. Despite all that he’s worth, Ye somehow managed to walk away from a Coachella performance that could’ve made him $8 million richer. Knowing Ye, something must’ve gone severely wrong in order for the rapper to walk away from the offer.

    Nonetheless, the rapper still has offers rolling in and people are more than willing to pay his hefty performance fee.

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