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    Kanye West Lawsuit, He Can’t Get A Break From People

    Unfortunately, Ye has fallen on hard times. These days, the GOAT rapper spends his days being mocked by social media and all of society for his outrageous antics. Everything from his repeated threats against Pete Davidson, to the Grammy’s removing him from the nominee list to having his invitations revoked from every celebrity party, has pretty much led to Ye’s demise.

    Luckily, the rap world still welcomes the “Heartbreaker” rapper with open arms. He’s still the mastermind behind several artist’s work, including Pusha T’s It’s Almost Dry . Not to mention, he’s working in the studio to put out great records of his own. His highly-anticipated 2020 album DONDA was a success.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like DONDA 2 will have the same outcome . In fact, it might not even see the light of day. Currently, Ye faces a huge lawsuit for the second installment of DONDA after being accused of sampling a Marshall Jefferson song without permission. Ye just can’t get a break.

    Kanye West Lawsuit Details

    via Thirsty for News

    It comes as a shock to know that Ye has been in the studio all this time making music. A month back, one of his longtime collaborators and friends announced that the GOAT rapper planned on lying low. Unfortunately, for Ye, returning to the studio seems less and less of a good idea now with a lawsuit hanging over his head.

    According to sources, Ultra International Music Publishing LLC sued Ye over his upcoming DONDA 2 album . In particular, the music group believes that the track “Flowers” used samples from Marshall Jefferson’s 1986 song “Move Your Body” illegally.

    They discovered that Jefferson’s song was sampled 22 times on “Flowers.” Furthermore, the lawsuit acknowledged that Ye requested permission to use Jefferson’s song. However, the consent didn’t come in the form of a written contract.

    The whole ordeal seems a bit sketchy, especially considering that the album hasn’t even received a release date yet. Has the media considered that Ye might be working out the kinks of the situation? The media refuses to let that man have a break.

    More Bad News For DONDA

    via Briefly News

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Ye’s DONDA series has faced a lawsuit. Back in May of this year, Ye came under fire again after Texas Pastor David Paul Moten alleged that Ye’s “Come to Life” featured a sample of one of his sermons. The Pastor accused the rapper of doing so without permission as well. At this point, either people don’t like Ye’s DONDA or they’re just trying to make a quick buck off the man.

    What do you think about the Kanye West lawsuit? Is Ye innocent or guilty? Let us know in the comments.


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