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    Rapper Kanye West Reportedly Escorted Off Of Sketchers Premises

    These past few weeks have been very eventful for Kanye West and not in a good way. His big mouth has done nothing but get him in trouble.

    After saying some Anti-Semetic comments on Revolt TV’s Drink Champs, it seems the world has reached its breaking point with its shenanigans. Companies and endorsements were dropping him left and right.

    For most of them, he probably didn’t regret it, but there’s one brand that he’s already missing.

    Reportedly, the sneaker powerhouse Adidas absorbed around $250 million to end its partnership with Kanye. This is a crazy coincidence because, in that same interview, he claimed he could say “anything Anti-sematic,” and Adidas still wouldn’t drop him. Be careful what you wish for because Adidas made his dream come true.

    Went Too Far

    Let Twitter tell it, Kanye has a secret agenda behind all these crazy outbursts. I’ll be the first one to call the bluff. I think he knows he f*cked up, and what I tell you next will confirm my theory.

    Ye self-invited himself to Sketcher’s Los Angeles headquarters. Why did he think he was in a position where he could pop up unannounced and walk out with a deal?

    Someone should’ve told him that Sketchers is also a Jewish-owned business. Not that it matters anyway, because security immediately escorted Kanye off the premises. Going from Adidas to Sketchers must be a part of his elaborate master plan, and y’all are goofy for foolishly believing him. He must’ve fucked up this time if Sketchers didn’t even want his services.

    Karma is a B*tch

    All I can say about the situation is to be careful what you say. When you least expect it, karma has a funny way of returning the favor. Kanye behaved as someone who moved without fear of consequences. Life had to serve him a healthy serving of humble pie.

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