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    Kanye Blames DaBaby’s Manager For ‘Donda’ Cut

    Donda caused a lot of drama.

    “I’m not taking my brother off; he was the only person who said he would vote for me in public.”

    Hip-Hop DX confirms claims of DaBaby’s removal from Kanye’s newly and anticipated album, DONDA. The album dropped on Sunday, August 29, breaking streaming services by storm. UP ROXX MUSIC reports that the masterpiece accumulated about 100 million streams on Spotify, being one of the second-largest debuts juxtaposed to his rival, Drake with Scorpion being the first.

    Showing Kanye Support While Cancelled

    On August 26, Marilyn Manson and DaBaby appeared on the porch of a replica of Kanye’s childhood home, causing a ruckus amongst the people. The culture cancelled Marilyn for sexual, physical, and emotional abuse against women. His label severed ties with him earlier this year. DaBaby cancelled after an outburst of homophobic comments to a raving crowd at a Rollout concert. Whereas there is no apparent connection to Kanye and Marilyn Manson, Ye and Da Baby are great friends.

    According, in August of 2020, DaBaby hopped on twitter to let the world know Ye had his vote. “You got me f**c*** up you think I’m not voting for Ye”. Kanye obliged by this great act of loyalty, returned the love by supporting Baby through his time prosecution and also by replacing Jay-Z’s verse for him on Jail Pt.2.

    DaBaby Didn’t Make the Cut

    Although Ye’s had clear intentions, the BOP singer was blocked from all streaming services such as TIDAL, Apple Music, and Spotify. DONDA’S track list includes 27 songs; however, Jail Pt.2 did not make the cut. Kanye claims that Baby’s manager did not clear the track. Kanye responded to Baby, saying, “Your manager is lying. They tried to prevent you from entering. The people around you are trying to harm you. But God has a greater plan.”

    Urbanislandz reports that Baby’s manger later took to Instagram calling Kanye West “Cap” after being accused of not clearing the track. “This is CAP, I woke up this morning to this media BS. I never got a call from Kanye, Kanye’s manager BU, or John Monopoly. “I got it today and approved it right away. Of course, I want a hit song out, as #SCMG is all about growth and Hip Hop culture, representing my artist! To all the media blogs and outlets, don’t believe everything you see in a post. Thank you! #SCMG”

    Kanye in More Heat

    DaBaby isn’t the only one mad at Ye. Actually he is in hot water with other artists like Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. They claim that their features didn’t make the album either. Also, Kanye argues that the album dropped without his consent and some fans aren’t buying it.

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