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    Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Finds Criticism, ‘Weird’

    The Kansas City Chiefs’ future HOF QB Patrick Mahomes during his press conference discusses the unfair criticism that’s often distributed amongst himself and his peers. Mahomes found the clause placed in Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray’s contract disrespectful. He spoke about him reading the clause and then later emphasized how other Black QBs in the NFL are unfairly criticized. While doing so, he did declare he wouldn’t go as far to say Black QBs are evaluated differently, reported Adam Teicher for ESPN. To be specific, Mahomes referred to the criticism as a specific type of criticism that only Black quarterbacks in the NFL seem to suffer from.

    “Of course, Black quarterbacks have faced challenges to reach the position we’re in now, with so many guys playing in the league,” Mahomes said on Friday after the Kansas City Chiefs finished a training camp practice. “Every day, we’re showing that we should have been playing all along. We have players who excel in both intellect and athleticism. It’s strange to see players like me, Lamar Jackson, and Kyler Murray face scrutiny that others don’t.” But we’re also out there every day to prove ourselves and show that we can be among the league’s top quarterbacks.

    Patrick Mahomes Still Has A Lot to Prove

    Mahomes still believes he has so much to prove to the world and the NFL. Many people believe he’s peaked and can’t get much better than he is. However, he’s more fueled than ever it appears. Last season was a disappointing year for Mahomes personally. Compared to his other seasons in the NFL, his numbers dropped significantly. Not to mention, he turned the ball over far more than he’s done in the past.

    “You always feel like you have something to prove,” he said. “Even Tom Brady feels that way.” That applies to all sports and competitors. If you’re not improving, you’re declining. They build you up to tear you down. You’ve got to kind of know that. For me, it’s all about how I can make myself better, not what other people say.”

    In the latest story from The Athletic, an unnamed NFL defensive coordinator commented on Mahomes’ game and spoke very ill. He mentioned Mahomes falls apart and plays backyard football when things get tough. In the same story, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson was also criticized. One may recognize the pattern here and understand why Mahomes made the comments he did.

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