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    Kansas City Artist CHRIS CART3R Releases “Beach Front” Material

    Kansas City artist CHRIS CART3R  returned with the release of his “Beach Front” single featuring GetItRogers. To ensure the success of his release CART3R quickly followed up with a fire visual, allowing fans to see a visual side  to his creativity.

    The “Beach Front” video serves as the follow up to his latest EP release RTG which has since put him on the map. As the 25 year old rapper continues to create a name for himself, his recognition and respect in the industry continues to grow.

    The video’s director Benicio Baeza captures CART3R’s laid back vibe and his smooth delivery with an effortless connection to the camera. An instant fan-favorite, “Beach Front” is a snapshot of CHRIS CART3R riding a new peak of his chill vibe. Channeling his new music’s wider theme of freedom and self-awareness this particular release is not like any of his previous ones.

    He is living his truth. You hear him saying things such as “Summertime flow like it’s time to bring the tops down, last year I was down bad but now I’m up and I deserve it .” Speaking about the song, CART3R shares, “I love this track. It makes me want to ride around with the windows down, song blasting with a blunt in my hand.YES windows, because I am whippin a Mazda.”

    Press play below to stream CHRIS CART3R’s new “Beach Front” video.

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