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    Singer KalenBree Discusses Fashion, Her Artistry, & More In New Interview


    Locked into her element and recording music under what used to be a bunk bed initially is singer KalenBree. After her manager escorted us upstairs to the creative/studio space, we arrive at the cozy location. To paint the picture, the common area reminds me of a typical New York apartment. You know, the ones I’m talking about with the stone parking deck walls.

    As we take off our shoes and start setting up, we try our best not to interrupt Kalen from making music. Making the most of her time, she says, “We might as well finish this song while they get ready”. Out of common decency/respect, I didn’t record any footage of her tracking her vocals.

    But trust and believe this song sounded terrific. It felt like she put her all into it, to see her tell her engineer to scrap it all once she finished. Her decision puzzled me, and I had to ask why she made that decision.

    She replied the song didn’t sound right. She then explained how she experiences this often and how one of her most successful singles was a song she initially didn’t want to release. But if it wasn’t for her team being in her corner, they helped her make the right choice.

    Before we dived into the interview, I always like to break the ice with small talk. Especially for in-person interviews, I want to break down that wall of shyness that most artists have with interviews.

    Off the record, we had some of the most random conversations. We went from talking about our zodiac signs to her jokingly making fun of me for having a predictable music taste. One thing about Kalen is that she will never bite her tongue. What you see is what you get. She is unapologetically herself, and I feel this is what sets her apart. I love it when she sings her raw truth in her songs and never sugarcoats her emotions.

    “And I don’t give a f*ck, I never did. And I definitely don’t now.”

    The Atlanta singer/songwriter seems to be going down a similar path to her idol, Erykah Badu. Not only are they both comfortable in their skin, but they both can write their ass off. I feel like she’s making her best music right now, and I had to sit down with her to pick her brain.

    Kalenbree Interview:

    How are you? And how is life treating you, Kalenbree?

    Well. And life has been life-ing the f*ck out of me.

    How has being from Atlanta affected your musical style?

    It has affected me so much, because I have never moved before. And I have to kind of branch out to be more digestible. Because I’m willing to do all the weird, alternative stuff. I’m down for that sht; I love sht like that. So yeah I think it has affected it a lot, in a good way.

    KalenBree Performing
    KalenBree Performing in ATL(Credit: @jonathanvizionary)

    Does it gives you more creativity or freedom?

    Hell yeah! I love the art scene in Atlanta. It’s so many different genres of music on the come-up that you can pull from.

    Who are your musical influences? Please name two new school and two old school artist(s)?

    Ed Sheeran for sure. Erykah Badu. I really fck with Sahbabii. He’s so different. Like I love the fact that he made up his own language. I really fck with that. If you notice, him and Yeat are both Pisces. And so is Tyler the Creator. They all have their own language. If you guys haven’t noticed, each of those artists are different and weird, in similar genres, doing different weird sh*t with their own language.

    Explain what you mean by Tyler the Creator has his own language. I get what you’re saying about Sahbabii and Yeat, but elaborate more on Tyler.

    Remember in middle school when GOLF WANG started making a break? That wasn’t a thing; nobody was doing that. Kinda like nobody is saying “twizzy”, until Yeat start saying Twizzy. And nobody was saying “squidtastic” til Sahbabii start saying “squidtastic”. Who the f*ck was saying “squidtastic”? Nobody.

    I feel like fashion plays a big part in your expression. How would you describe your unique style?

    I dress how I feel. Like right now i’m chilling. I always dress how I feel and I really don’t care. I always look good anyway.

    Any favorite stores to shop from?

    I just find sh*t online. Like Depop or I find independent brands. I don’t go shopping. Maybe to the thrift store sometimes. Sometimes for some men pants. I love men’s pants.

    Any social media brands you want to shoutout?

    Godbodyaura Styledbykyle. She does beaded work. Those are the first two that came to mind. I just did an outfit with Kyle. I did a beaded red outfit with her. She made it come to life.

    KalenBree bead outfit
    KalenBree in StyledByKyle Outfit

    What do you feel is the next step of development as an artist?

    Reading. I want to know more sh*t. I want to open my mind to more things. I’ve been so busy with working and music I haven’t had time to read. I just feel like reading is fundamental for real. I found out so many things from a few of my books. It’s really nice. That’s how I got started, anyway. Just reading hella books and deriving from that.

    So you feel like it expands your mind as a songwriter?

    For sure. Anything that keep it constantly running. Anime too. Anime is really nice.

    What does anime do to your mind?

    It makes my brain do fireworks. That’s the best way I can describe it because it’s so different. I love it so much. Anything weird, different, or mythological. Sh*t like that.

    What else do you hope to achieve this year?

    I want to get endorsed. I want to get the recognition that my mind deserves. I don’t want to speak too much on what I want out loud. But I just feel like it’s coming. That’s it. I don’t want too talk too much on what I want.

    You feel like you might jinx it?


    I’m a big fan of Snakebite Wikina, the director of your last music video for “Patience”. What was the process of developing the concept and executing that vision?

    Well, it wasn’t my concept for this music video. Usually, it is.

    Did you write the storyline?

    No. It was a group project. It was not just me. It usually is just me. But it was just a guy mad as fck at me. Not giving a fck about him anymore and focusing on myself. And now he’s coming after me. Because he realized that he fcked up and it was too late. I’m already on my path. I don’t need him anymore. That is pretty much it. And I don’t give a fck, I never did. And I don’t know.

    Did you want to bring that emotional vision to real life?

    Mhmm. It’s real life, though, for sure. Art imitates life. Life imitates art. Which one is it? (Whispers) The world may never know.

    Can you tell fans about any forthcoming projects?


    Any new singles?

    I don’t know. We know nothing. Not even me.

    Be sure to follow Kalenbree’s TikTok and Instragram @kalenbree

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