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    Justine Skye & Giveon Call It Quits After Dating For A Year

    Justine Skye & Giveon Relationship Facts

    Fact Details
    Length of relationship 1 year
    How they met Through mutual friends
    When they broke up October 2021
    Reason for the breakup Not publicly known, but Justine Skye hinted that Giveon was not the loving boyfriend fans once believed
    Last romantic vacation together Hawaii, August 2021
    Did they air their dirty laundry on social media? Yes, Justine Skye took to Twitter to air out her feelings after the breakup
    Did Giveon respond? No, Giveon has not publicly commented on the breakup
    Are they still friends? It is unclear if they are still friends

    Relationships don’t come easy for everyone. R&B singer Justine Skye may be a gorgeous model and singer, but she’s unlucky in love. Recently, the 26-year-old and “Heartbreak Anniversary” singer Giveon called it quits after dating for a year. As it turns out, though, their relationship was anything but a happy one.

    Moreover, Justine Skye took to social media to air out their dirty laundry. She even alluded to Giveon not being the loving boyfriend fans once believed.

    Justine Skye Broke up with Giveon via Twitter

    Justine Skye
    via Rap-Up

    In a series of tweets, Justine Skye seemingly alluded to her breakup with the singer Giveon this past Tuesday. Despite not mentioning his name directly, it became pretty obvious who Skye referred to in her tweets.

    “The people I believed cared about me the most ended up hurting me the most. And the ones who genuinely care, I unintentionally pushed away… I know I’m not alone in this, which is why I’m sharing this right now. It hurts, it really does.”

    In subsequent postings, the singer alluded to feelings of having her heart broken. Clearly, the 26-year-old took a huge loss after her spilt from Giveon. Some couples just aren’t compatible.

    Their Last Romantic Vacation Together

    Justine Skye
    via AceShowbiz

    Their breakup obviously ended in tears. Still, Giveon hasn’t added any commentary to the spilt. The couple; however, often kept their relationship out of the public eye. Despite being a majorly private couple, they did highlight their best moments on social media. This past August, the couple vacationed in Hawaii for Justine Skye’s birthday. Rather than taking a trip for two, Skye and Giveon invited their happily married friends, such as Justin and Hailey Bieber.

    It’s unfortunate that the trip to Hawaii was their last trip as a couple.


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