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    Justine Skye Calls Out Fans For Listening To “Mediocre Music”

    Releasing the biggest record of the summer can be tough, especially with so much competition around. R&B singer Justine Skye and her long-time mentor Timbaland have plans to release her upcoming album Space & Time. While the “Collide” singer appears more than confident in her album’s release, she’s not thrilled at the “mediocre music” fans listen to. Tired of the hype, Justine Skye calls out fans for listening to “mediocre music” instead of her songs. Seems like Skye just wants people to show her songs some love.

                Justine Skye Hypes Up Her Upcoming Album

    mediocre music
    via HipHopDX

    Nowadays, artists seem more than eager to one-up each other. Everyone’s fighting to win the top spot on the Billboard Charts. Even R&B artist Justine Skye yearns to release the biggest album of the summer. Furthermore, the 25-year-old model announced to fans that her and mentor Timbaland have put the “finishing touches” on her seventh album.

    She took to Twitter to express her excitement over her upcoming album. Additionally, Skye addressed the haters who’ve trolled her music. “Say whatever you want about me and my music. This album bout to shut all that talk up. I have a whole @Timbaland produced album with a Justin Timberlake feature and I’m COMPLETELY independent. I’m clearly doing something right,” the star wrote on her Twitter page. Sounds like Justine Skye’s new album will be worth the listen.

                    The Singer Despises “Mediocre Music”

    mediocre music
    via Rap-Up

    It goes without saying that some artists just have “the juice.” Justine Skye seems confident in her ability to deliver on her upcoming album Space & Time. Even in all her bravado, however, she’s threatened by the existence of  the “mediocre music.” Last Friday, the “Collide” singer took to social media to share just how much she despises the love-hate relationship fans have with the music scene. “Y’all hype up mediocre s**t and then be mad at the state of music these days,” Skye wrote on her Twitter page. “Take responsibility.” Apparently, the star blames fans for the state of music today.

    Basically, Skye asks fans to stop complaining about the music scene. Arguably, Skye’s right. There’s a handful of songs receiving way too much airplay than they deserve. Unfortunately, truly great music rarely receives the recognition it deserves.

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