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    Justin Laboy Says Kanye West’s New Album is Dropping “This Week”

    Social media sensation Justin Laboy has had quite the come up. The upsurge of his erotic Instagram live experience “Demon Time” and his viral memes have placed Laboy among the likes of Kanye West and Kevin Durant.

    Laboy Praises New Kanye West Album

    Laboy took to Twitter to share that Yeezy played his forthcoming album for him and KD after the pair were spotted together in Las Vegas this weekend. Justin shared that Yeezy’s upcoming release has production that’s “light years ahead of its time.”

    “Kanye played his new album for me & @KDTrey5  last night in Vegas. Man listen! The production is light years ahead of it’s time, and the bars sound like he’s broke & hungry trying to get signed again,” Laboy wrote. “Any artist who plan on dropping soon should just push it back #Respectfully.”

    Kanye West’s Album Could Be Released “This Week”

    Laboy followed that up by revealing that it could be released “this week.” “Kanye West album is really done. When it drops this week, we probably not going to listen to anything else for a while,” he shared. “Let me go enjoy all the current artist I’m listening to until then. God bless #Respectfully.”

    Laboy wrote that the album “had Kevin Durant at 7 feet tall dancing” and that it’s about to become a Yeezy “era,” alongside a photo that appears to show him with Kanye and KD.

    Are you looking forward to a new Kanye West album?

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