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    Justin Bieber Puts Trust In God Amid Facial Paralysis Diagnosis

    It’s no secret that pop star Justin Bieber puts his faith above everything else. He’s especially been vocal about his faith after enduring terrible health issues especially his  bout with facial paralysis. Recently, Bieber took to social media to discuss his current struggle with a rare form of facial paralysis, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Days later, the popstar focused on the positive and put his trust in God.

    The Young Pop Star Suffers From Rare Disorder

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    Being an international superstar or actor doesn’t mean they’re exempt from having health issues. Justin Bieber has weathered a series of health problems in the last few years, tackling everything from Lyme Disease to chronic mono and depression. Unfortunately, the star isn’t out of the woods yet, as he recently shared with fans his struggles with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

    This past weekend, Bieber uploaded a video to Instagram where he educated fans on the rare medical condition and its effects. Furthermore, he shared that he couldn’t move one side of his face, including blinking his eyes or smiling . According to sources, the disease paralyzes one side of a person’s body for an extended period of time. It’s also related to the same virus that leads to Chickenpox and Shingles. Despite all of Justin Bieber’s bad deeds, it’s sad to see the star enduring so much at a young age. Anyone in his position would turn to God for answers.

    He Turns To God


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    Life may be taking Justin Bieber through the ringer. Rather than drown negativity and sorrow, the pop star focused on his faith. The “Honest” singer took to social media again on Monday to assure fans that God will work out everything for him .

    On Instagram, he posted, “I’m aware this storm will eventually pass, but for now, I have Jesus by my side.”

    Hopefully, the star recovers well after enduring this difficult time with facial paralysis.

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