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    Justin Bieber Joins Migos For The Track “What You See”

    Days have passed since Migos released their Culture III album and already people have plenty to say. The record has received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. On a more positive note, though, Migos’ new album has received a stamp of approval from rap mogul Jay-Z. That’s some serious props. Of course, they deserve every one of those praises from fans and their famous friends.

    Every song on the album basically has potential to make it onto the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Charts. Not to mention, they’ve managed to create music collabs with some of the biggest artists today. Among the long-list of superstar features, Justin Bieber offered his velvety smooth vocals on the Migos’ track “What You See.” One listen and the song hooks fans.

                Migos And Justin Bieber Slay On “What You See”

    what you see
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    It goes without saying that Justin Bieber basically loves the rap group Migos. He’s even best buds with their frontman Quavo. It’s not all that surprising that JB hopped on a track with them on their newest album. Furthermore, their collab track “What You See” basically sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s one of the many potential hit songs off the album.

    “What You See” comes off as a love ballad, where the rappers and singer assure their lovers of their commitment. With Offset and Justin Bieber being married men, the song speaks more to their individual relationships.

                Migos & Justin Bieber Have Crossed Paths Before

    what you see
    via MTV

    Migos’ new track “What You See”, however, isn’t the first time the group has worked with Justin Bieber. Hardcore fans know that these two acts have joined forces before on other previous projects. In fact, just last year, Quavo collabed with Bieber on his song “Intentions” off his 2020 album Changes. Before that, the two buds were reunited on DJ Khaled’s “No Brainer” and “I’m The One” tracks. Clearly, the two can’t stop fanboying over each other.


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