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    Justice Society: World War II Delivers Poignant Message.

    Justice Society: World War II, the anime film is here.

    But, Should You Watch It? 

    First, I bring you the trailer to give you a taste of what to expect.

    General Plot

    General Plot
    Justice Society World War II Warner Bros., Dc Comics,

    Earth 2, where this story is set sees a Adolf Hitler in Nazi occupied Germany trying to acquire magical artifacts. This anime focuses on the JSA that aid the fight in World War II. It consists of Rex Tyler Miraco, Dinah Lance, Jay Garrick, Carter Hall, and a suprise visit from a future ally helps tip the scales in their favor.

    President Roosevelt seeks them out after concern about Hitler’s increased motivation at finding magically artifacts to extend his reign of destruction and oppression. Wonder Woman is taking point on leading the group of heroes to help stop Hitler in his tracks.

    Current Timeline

    In the current world, Barry Allen has a picnic with Iris but can’t help but be distracted with thoughts of work and who may possibly need his help. During the picnic, which was supposed to be an escape from his work, he is seen using his powers to retrieve items that he thinks they need for his picnic. Yet, he doesn’t actually stay in the moment with Iris and commit to just enjoying her company.

    TLDR: Spoilers (Highlight the text to reveal)

    The team’s undercover reporter, Shakespeare, is revealed to be Clark Kent, an orphaned individual who is not yet known as Superman. Aquaman falls under the control of the Advisor, who manipulates the Atlanteans to collaborate with the Nazis, aiming to eliminate them and seize control of the planet.

    JSA, Justice Society World War II Warner bros., Dc Comics

    Woman and Allen confront Aquaman in battle, where she successfully shatters his trident and releases him from the Advisor’s influence. Realizing what he has done, Aquaman retreats in shame. However, the Advisor reappears and reveals that a follow-up strike by Nazi bombers is following before killing Trevor. Wonder Woman is devestated that she turned down his proposals and missed out on a happy life together because she always thought she had more time.

    So, she gives Barry Allen the ring that Trevor gave her, cautioning him about missing chances with his loved ones. Allen and Garrick combine their speed to send Allen back to the moment he stopped the Kryptonite bullet. After using it to defeat Brainiac, Allen proposes forming a team to Superman before reuniting with Iris and asking her to marry him, to which she agrees.

    Lessons Learned

    Justice Society
    Barry Allen in Justice society world war II Warner bros., Dc Comics

    Barry Allen learns tomorrow is not always granted. Love while you have the chance. Allen also gets inspired by witnessing a team of heroes that work together when needed and formulates an idea of creating a team of his own. While defeating an enemy with Superman, he brooches the idea of creating what we know as the Justice League. This allows him to be alerted when trouble arises. Thus, allowing him to stay in the moment longer with Iris.

    Finally, Is It Worth Watching?

    The film is worth watching if not only for heroes kicking Nazi tail but for the message it delivers. JSWWII informs us that we should never take the present for granted because we may not have tomorrow. It reminds us to stay in the moment with loved ones and to not put off plans for the future. And, it’s a messge that is relatable given the current political climate and that we are living in a pandemic.

    Justice society World war ii Warner bros., DC Universe

    That said, it does drag quite a bit and takes it’s time to get there and the viewer can find themselves losing patience in trying to reach it’s conclusion. Also, Wonder Woman’s accent takes away from watchability. It appears that they were trying to allign the animated universe with that of Gal Gadot’s performance yet it only comes off as Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle, truly distracting.

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