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    Jussie Smollett Expensive Production Leaves Him Jammed

    Jussie Smollett could be one of the most disliked figures of 2019, rivaling even Trump. The actor’s clash with the City of Chicago has come at a hefty cost.
    It’s no secret that Smollett allegedly staged a homophobic and racist hate crime earlier this year. After an extensive investigation by Chicago law enforcement, it was concluded that Jussie was the architect behind the scheme. The entire incident was orchestrated to potentially secure a larger payout. The prominent co-star of Fox Network’s “Empire” is now grappling with significant repercussions for his actions, resulting in a considerable dent in his finances.

    Just yesterday, the actor filed a request to have the $130,000 lawsuit against him dismissed by the city of Chicago. Despite the evidence and cooperating witnesses, Jussie still maintains his innocence in the entire episode. However, his actions have seriously jeopardized his prospects in the acting realm.


    “The lawsuit appears to be an extraordinary attempt to seek penalties and resources expended due to allegedly false statements given to the police, despite the related criminal case involving these statements being dismissed with no charges.”
    Following the staged incident, all charges were surprisingly dropped, leaving many wondering if the Fox Network played a role in this decision. Furthermore, Smollett faced severe backlash for his actions. Show creator Lee Daniels wrote his character out of the episodes leading up to the season finale. Currently, there’s a strong belief that Smollett won’t return for the final season of “Empire.” With his finances taking a hit, he’s now in a difficult position to settle with Chicago.


    “Both claims fail to provide enough factual details to reasonably infer that Defendant’s allegedly false statements caused the CPD to accrue 1,836 overtime hours and the City to pay $130,106.15 in overtime wages.”
    In conclusion, do you think Jussie Smollett’s costly actions will lead to his being blacklisted? Will he make a comeback in acting? Will he return to “Empire”? Share your thoughts below and stay tuned to


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