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    Jungle Cruise Exceeds Expectations Despite Low Earnings

    Jungle Cruise Exceeds Expectations Despite Low Earnings in Box Office

    Jungle Cruise hit theaters on July 30th and the film featured Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in the main character roles. The film grossed a total of $92 million but still has a long way to go to recoup the film’s budget costs.

    Disney's Jingle Cruise via Twitter
    Jungle Cruis via Twitter

    Dwayne Johnson replied to viewer praise on his twitter,

    “We made a great one and our incredible 93% Audience Score is a measure we all appreciate.
    People have spoken. And we have a sequel meeting this weekend w/ Disney, so cheers to the adventure…😊🚢 💀🗺 🌴🌎”

    Jungle Cruise, Premise

    The “Jungle Cruise” is based on a ride in Disney World with the same name.  But, in this story, it Is treated with fantastical story elements that create a rich adventure in which the main character searches for an ancient healing tree.

    Movie Earnings

    Jungle Cruise is also available on Disney + Premiere rental, a platform on their streaming app that has bolstered profits in previous films including Black Widow. Thus, the film is the 4th biggest opener of 2021. Additionally, estimates put profits at $35 million in theaters and  $30 Milion from Disney+ rentals. Overseas markets brought in additional revenue at approximately,  $27.6 million. Thus bringing its worldwide grosses up to an estimated $92 million and counting including Premiere Access profits. Yet it’s budget was a whopping $200 million production cost.

    Overall Opinion

    Top actors, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt didn’t bring in the earnings Disney expected with Jungle Cruise. Currently, Movie theaters are slow earning at this state of pandemic affairs. And, even with Disney plus premiere access, it didn’t surpass budget costs. Yet, story wise, the film exceeded expectations and enjoyed by viewers. The story is quite an enjoyable family film. Viewers describe the film as a cross between The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean. Nevertheless, Jungle Cruise has been confirmed successful and will debut a sequel some time in the future.

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