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    Julien, SHÆLIN And Their Rise To Fame

    HypeFresh gladly introduces Julien, one of the singers and composers of a neo-soul band that goes by the name SHÆLIN. Julien is a proud and vital member of the group that collectively combined the radiance of R&B and soul.The delicacy of gospel and jazz of their new EP Ana-Hata which released in November 2021 made a grand impact for SHÆLIN.

    Julien is excited to let the world know who he is and what his camp represents.

    Meet Julien.

    The co-star for the band explained the roles he plays in the multi-talented band and how it makes him apart of such greatness. The artist boasts ten years of exercising his talents. Among various years and bands over time his perfection is immaculate. Although Julien is the youngest member, he is playing his part well. Undoubtedly, he is 25, making him the member with most of the energy—in a good way that is.  Although the artist is an active member of SHÆLIN, he is also apart of other bands. This band derives from gospel. Meeting  through gospel groups 5 years ago, he and other bandmates came together to create a beautiful harmonious sound. This brings light in audiences who are amazed by how the band came into fruition.

    The artist explains how gospel plays such big part in their success. He works with artists from all over the world, often as the youngest member. The group likes to blend a plethora of sounds African American music such as neo soul, R&B, gospel, blending a lot a different sounds as well.

    “We just like music, hip-hop, maybe some really soulful stuff,” Julien exclaimed.

    Julien Explains Ana-Hata

    Julien explains the inspiration behind The Ana-Hata EPwhich is really keen on spirituality.

    This Ep is about love & self love.

    He proceeded to tell HypeFresh about their single, “Body” that creates a safe place for people to love and accept themselves no matter what. It’s all about love and spreading good things. Their career as a band is kind of young, They met a producer from Paris, suggesting that their music would go far.

    “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

    The artist shares with HypeFresh that everyone comes from different cultures that make six members of the group.

    “We like to respect the energy’s of our composers,” he said. “Anyone can have an idea. If the person wants to do it alone, they have the creative space to come back and have another band member sing or record it.”

    The band is not well known; however, the beginning stages are bliss because although don’t know SHÆLIN, they are respected. People want more of them.

    “We plan to grow, get bigger and expand abroad, Julien said. “A lot of the music is in French; however, we plan to pursue making more music in English. Thanks so much for having us.”

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