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    Juice Lord’s “Blessed Up” feat. Prince Riley celebrates gratitude and resilience

    Saint Paul, Minnesota’s own Juice Lord, has released a powerful new track titled “Blessed Up,” featuring Prince Riley. With a catchy beat and smooth vocals, Juice Lord brings a unique perspective to the hip-hop genre, infusing his music with positivity and hope. The song delivers a message of gratitude and resilience, reminding listeners that things could always be worse, no matter the situation.

    Born and raised in the Rondo neighborhood, Juice Lord draws on his experiences to inspire his music. Growing up with strong parents who instilled in him the values of respect, love, and family, Juice Lord has overcome many obstacles to become the artist he is today. “Blessed Up” is a testament to his journey, celebrating the blessings in life while acknowledging the struggles.

    “Blessed Up” is a refreshing addition to the hip-hop landscape, offering a message of hope and resilience in a world that can often feel overwhelming.

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