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    JT Sideways: The City Girl Goes Solo with Fiery New Single ( Listen Now)

    JT of City Girls is not playing around. The rapper has dropped her new solo single, “Sideways”, on February 2, 2024, and it’s a banger. The track showcases JT’s skills and personality, as she establishes herself as a solo act, while still repping the Miami rap duo. The song follows the release of JT’s “No Bars” in July 2023, where she fearlessly addressed fake friends and anyone who changed up on her. This release is part of her continued efforts to make herself a rapper of her own accord. It’s believed that these singles may be leading up to a solo album or mixtape.

    Song Analysis: “Sideways”

    Sideways” is a powerful track that delves into raw emotions, personal struggles, and the complexities of relationships. Here’s a breakdown:

    • Chorus: The chorus sets the tone, emphasizing JT’s lack of friendliness and trust toward others. The phrase “lookin’ at ’em sideways” suggests suspicion and wariness. The line “It’ll never be the same, motherfuck the old days” hints at a past that can’t be reclaimed, perhaps due to betrayal or disappointment.
    • Verse 1: JT asserts her confidence and superiority. She challenges anyone to name a better person (“can’t name a bitch better”). The mention of the Range with “Wockesha leather” adds a touch of luxury and swagger. The refusal to unblock someone and the demand for a written letter reveal emotional distance and stubbornness.
    • Chorus (Reprise): Reiterates JT’s aversion to fake people (“Hoes so phony”). The phrase “still goin’ to the bank” implies financial success despite the drama.
    • Verse 2: JT’s emotional state is highlighted (“I’m PMS’ing”). She’s on edge and wants others to stay away. Legal matters and a Haitian associate add intrigue and danger. The reference to irresistible sexual prowess (“this pussy that good”) contrasts with the tough exterior.
    • Overall Theme: Authenticity vs. Pretense: JT navigates a world filled with fake people (“phony hoes”). She values realness and refuses to compromise. Unyielding Strength: Despite challenges, JT stands firm and resilient. She doesn’t let anyone, or anything break her down.

    Song Review: “Sideways”

    Sideways” is a gritty anthem that captures the essence of JT’s solo journey. The song is catchy, confident, and honest, reflecting JT’s style and attitude. The notable phrases like “lookin’ at ’em sideways” and “It’ll never be the same, motherfuck the old days” resonate with listeners who have faced life’s challenges and have grown from them. The song also reminds us that authenticity prevails over pretense, and that strength comes from within.

    Rating: ★★★★☆

    “Sideways” is a solid JT new single that showcases JT’s talent and potential as a solo artist. The song is relatable, empowering, and entertaining, making it a must-listen for fans of City Girls and rap music in general. I give it 4 out of 5 stars, and I encourage you to experience the raw energy of “Sideways” and form your own perspectives.

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