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    Joyce Santana Gets Candid In ‘A Quien Pueda Interesar’

    With a population of 3.1 million, Puerto Rico is an island with continuous talent growth. And it’s no secret that many found the recipe to succeed in such a conservative place. This is the beginning for artist Joyce Santana.

    During the 2020 Census, the Black community in Puerto Rico had a 17.5% rise compared to a 14.8% in 2010. But in the music industry, it’s a whole different scene. There’s a lack of representation from people of color on the island. Only a hand full of artists can be named from Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Zion & Lennox, Ozuna, and Ismael Rivera “Maelo”. And Joyce Santana is the one who wants to make a difference by breaking the barriers of this inequality.

    Music As A Whole

    Ever since Joyce was a kid, music became his preferred medium to use as an escape for his interests and hobbies.

    “I spent a lot of time alone, my mom raised me,” Joyce told HypeFresh. “And what I used to do was watch music videos while I was on the computer looking for what was happening with the artists and that’s where this interest began.”

    As it is known, music helps kids ignite all areas for child development. These areas include social-emotional skills, language, and literacy. Furthermore, helps our mind and body work together.

    In addition, the artist also mentions how music became his career of choice. Additionally, he told HypeFresh the reason he continues to make music. Joyce mentions how music played a very important role in his life by the ages of 12 or 13 because it was his time of experimenting with friends.

    “It was all thanks to a friend (may he rest in peace) who always wanted to be an artist, much more than me,” Santana said. “But he didn’t have the same luck. And that’s why I’m still in music, for myself and for him, continuing his legacy.”

    Joyce’s Contributions To Puerto Rico

    Joyce Santana currently has a recent project called A Quien Pueda Interesar which is an EP showing the artist’s versatility and pure talent. With only 3 songs, Joyce presents a story of lost love, casual relationships, and the desire of someone. Each one forms a unique compilation of storytelling.

    What Joyce wants to portray in his music is for his colleagues to be more real, in the lyrical sense. To find a common ground between artists and the public, to not only make music to those who only like the way it sounds.

    “Many of them make music about the street, how much money they have and that is something that I find offensive to the public” Santana explained. “Because we live from a public that the majority has no money and are not in a stable economic status.”

    To Whom It May Concern

    Joyce Santana released a short but rhythmic EP at the beginning of this month. Is an ambitious project. Joyce mentioned he’s always been a rapper. He has made 2 or 3 EPs that have been dedicated to the streets. But what makes “A Quien Pueda Interesar” different from the rest is that this is a project solely dedicated to women. Although the 3 songs found on the EP are completely different all align with the same theme, women.

    One of the songs called “Tu Canción” stands out the most being one that serves as a dedication song. Those who can’t come up with the right words can use them to entice another person.

    HypeFresh received word from the artist himself that in April he will be realizing a new project called Despues Siempre Estar which is still in the works. But Joyce mentioned that the project will be a song featuring Puerto Rican rapper Ankhal. For Santana, his entire journey in the music industry has been a dream, especially when collaborating with other artists such as Brray, Farruko, Eladio Carrion, Myke Towers, and more.

    “A dream for many of them despite the fact that their careers hit before mine we spent together,” Santana said. We have a good relationship and respect, in which he makes it genuine when collaborating.”

    Let us know what you think about Joyce Santana and his latest EP.

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