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    Joshua Singh Released A New Hit Single Titled “Few Of Us Around”

    Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Joshua Singh recently released a hit single titled “Few Of Us Around,” which follows the success of his past releases “Voice,” “All I Ever Learnt,” and “Breakfast In Bed.” That showcases Joshua’s artistic proficiency and energy for consistency.

    “Few Of Us Around” is a song that refuses to settle into one specific pattern traveling between tuneless woodwinds and haphazard vocals, displaying a kind of uniqueness that is layered complexity that turns heads and demands further attention. “Few Of Us Around” draws an intense rhythmic line to drive Joshua’s decent performance and his great lyrical composition providing the listener with a complete show. The sound he brings in his new single has yet to be heard. 

    Joshua Singh has been striving to be heard in the music industry, gathering hits and positive reviews. 

    Stream “Few Of Us Around” on Spotify

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