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    Joseph Witty’s Latest Single “Notes of Elaboration” Showcases His Versatility

    Joseph Witty’s latest single, “Notes of Elaboration,” is a testament to his skills as a rapper and producer. Produced by Kowhai Beats, the track features Witty’s signature wordplay and witty lyrics, which touch on various aspects of his life, including family, gaming, and personal struggles.

    The song is part of Witty’s newest EP, “Good Day Witty,” which focuses on finding positivity in life’s ups and downs. The EP features drum-heavy boom-bap tracks and more soulful, sample-based tunes.

    Witty, who is a passionate gamer as well as a musician, brings a unique perspective to his music. His previous single, “Childhood,” garnered critical acclaim, and “Notes of Elaboration” promises to be another hit. With his blend of musical and gaming prowess, Witty quickly makes a name for himself in the industry. The “Good Day Witty” EP is a must-listen for fans of intelligent hip-hop and soulful beats.


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