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    Jordyn Woods Says Gunna Paid Her With Birkin Bag To Star In Video

    Most people would accept cash to star in a music video. Though not everyone has the same idea about compensation. Some people think of long-term investments, like Jordyn Woods. At just 23-years-old, Woods proves that she’s a smart businesswoman. Back in 2019, she accepted a Birkin bag from rapper Gunna to star on the set of his new video “Baby Birkin.” While the gesture left many people scratching their heads, Woods promises that the Birkin bag acted as a form of payment. More importantly, Gunna’s gift will one day make the actress and model one wealthy woman.

                Jordyn Woods Copped Herself A Birkin Bag In New Music Video

    Jordyn Woods
    via Bravo Tv

    When it comes to investing in our future, tv personality Jordyn Woods is about that long-term plan. Back in 2019, Woods accepted a Birkin bag as a form of payment to star in rapper Gunna’s new music video “Baby Birkin.” While the luxury bag goes for around $12,000 to $200,000, most people would’ve just accepted cash. Rappers especially charge hefty prices for features. However, Jordyn Woods revealed she and her team had other plans for compensation.

    During a recent interview with Complex’s Speedy Morman, Woods spilled the details on the how the business deal went down. According to the Sacrifice actress, Gunna and her had remained friends for years prior to starring in the video. Furthermore, “her team negotiated to receive the Birkin bag as a form of payment.” The detail comes off as vague, especially considering that Woods herself hadn’t been apart of the negotiating process at all.

    Though, the star made it clear that she doesn’t work for free. Moreover, she considered the unusual form of payment as an investment. “It’s an investment because the value goes up . . . I got a little stock,” the star shared during the interview. With 11 Birkin bags already tucked away in her closet, Woods will for sure be able to sell the luxury bags for millions.

                Jordyn Woods Growing Up In The Limelight

    Jordyn Woods
    via Insider

    Working under the pressures of Hollywood can be tough for anyone to navigate. Though, actress and model Jordyn Woods had some famous friends help her along the way. In fact, the 23-year-old grew up around celebrities for most of her life. Most people recognize Woods as a good friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Though, she received her introduction into the entertainment industry long before the famous reality family.

    Her father who worked as a sound engineer, often did work on the set on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Furthermore, her family remains great friends with Will Smith and Jada-Pinket Smith. Woods herself even calls them uncle and auntie. In addition to calling the famous couple family, the star has made friends with other music artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Rick Ross. It’s no wonder she’s been the star on music videos.

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