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    JoJo Siwa’s Bold Rebrand Aims to Channel Miley Cyrus’ Era

    Do you remember JoJo Siwa, the singer known for her high ponytail and shoes, as well as mustard and neon ensembles? Well, it’s time to brace yourself, as your favorite Gen Z star is about to pull a one-hell-of-a rebrand!

    The fashionista was inspired by The “Bangerz” album from Miley Cyrus, and now she wants to take a page from her playbook. Say goodbye to the multi-colored bows; instead Josh debuted the “black beast” on the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2024. “Karma,” her new single, is so far removed from anything she’s previously released.

    Naturally, not everyone was thrilled with the big news. JoJo’s new look and sound caught some fans off guard, after all. She’s not preoccupied, that is, though. Instead, she’s been flaunting her new persona on YouTube and TikTok, and most recently, she was even spotted strutting her stuff on the iHeartRadio Music Awards’ red carpet. Are you ready to see her as a judge on the next season of So You Think You Can Dance! ?

    For those who might have missed the whole JoJo Siwa phenomenon, here’s a quick rewind. It all started at 13, when she smashed on the TV screens in the show “Dance Moms”. With her high energy and bubbly dance moves, Siwa instantly captivated the audience’s hearts. But JoJo wasn’t destined to fit within the confines of the show.

    In hindsight, one might say that JoJo Siwa became a singer, an actress, and a queen of social media. Her numerous, many-million followers couldn’t get enough and watched her every move. “Boomerang” and “D.R.E.A.M” rapidly became anthems of sorts, with young fans singing about self-love, kindness, and staying true to oneself.

    All in all, JoJo’s influence doesn’t stop with music. She’s an entrepreneur — with clothing, accessories, and, yep, bow lines all her own! — and she’s starred in the feature film The J Team and even had a reality series, Siwas Dance Pop Revolution. However, JoJo’s enthusiasm and exciting message continue to inspire audiences all over the globe.

    So, is JoJo Siwa the Miley Cyrus that the industry has been looking for? One thing seems to be true: she’s ready to give it her all and make no apologies.

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