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    Johnny Quest The Rebel Soars With New Video For ‘Designer Casket’

    I don’t get it. Why is death such a taboo topic? It’s inevitable and you can’t avoid it. It makes no sense to avoid talking about it if it affects everyone. Everyone desires heaven, but few are prepared for death. Call me weird, but I already got my funeral planned out with the playlist included. One song that is for sure making that playlist is Johnny Quest The Rebel’s single “Designer Casket”.

    Most people don’t know how expensive caskets and funerals are as a whole. So imagine how much a designer casket would be. It’d probably be expensive as hell. So best believe with a title like “Designer Casket”, Johnny Quest The Rebel is popping big shit in his new video.

    Say what you want, but the New Jersey has elite talent. His lyrics contain powerful imagery and tell a full-length story in a short amount of time. I feel like he’s perfected the skill of fleshing his writing out, and did an impeccable job of this on the new single.

    Casket Fresh

    The supported music video they shot is also on point. You know, anytime you see somebody rocking a trench coat, they are about that action! Johnny and his crew were fresh to death at this imaginary funeral.

    Even though the theme of the video was death, the video was still full of life. From the scenes at the wake or burial site, every moment felt purposeful and intentional. Johnny perfectly conveyed his message that we should enjoy life for what it is, because nothing matters once we die. The song/video gives off that old-school vibe based on the way it sounds and its a relatable message.

    Food for Thought

    If there’s anything this song reiterated, is that materialism is overrated. Drip doesn’t last forever, but your legacy and what you stood for. The question is, what do you want to be remembered for?

    Be sure to check out Johnny Quest The Rebel’s new song and video for “Designer Casket”. And Johnny Quest The Rebel on Instagram.


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