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    Johnny Cisneros’ latest single, “MOTIONS”

    The hauntingly beautiful synth riff opening the track leads into a full-blown psychedelic soundscape, with ethereal vocal harmonies and driving drum beats. The lyrics encourage listeners to keep moving forward, to never settle for complacency, and to always strive for growth.

    With “MOTIONS,” Johnny Cisneros blends psychedelic rock, indie, and dream pop influences, creating a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in indie rock music. The track is a powerful reminder that life is all about forward motion and that growth happens when we break free from our fears and embrace the unknown.

    The single is accompanied by a mesmerizing music video featuring stunning visuals and trippy animations. “MOTIONS” will resonate with anyone who’s ever felt stuck in a rut and needed a little push to get moving again.

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