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    Joey Bando Drops New Music Video For “1200”

    Rising New Jersey recording artist Joey Bando moves his way up the ranks with the release of his biggest single yet in “1200.” For the latest, Bando taps in with AXL Beats for must-hear steel sharpens steel collaboration that will amplify the anticipation of his forthcoming album. 1200” features musical intricacies immersed in cultural richness. Nostalgic for the block Bando grew up on, the single exhibits well-crafted artistry while emotionally grounded.

    He frequently dabbles in various contrasting flows, resulting in Hip Hop-centered fusions with emotive undertones. Combining a number of unique and experimental sounds with his intricate wordplay. He credits hip-hop culture in general as a major influence on his music. In fact, he finds inspiration while smoking on medical-grade marijuana, which is essential to his artistry. Overall, he creates a fun and entertaining musical experience that is authentic and founded in reality.

    Joey Bando’s music is motivated by a desire to encourage, inspire, and share his narrative in his own unique style. He crafts rap songs based on his own experiences, and he uses his musical prowess to express stories and shared ideas that will appeal to a wide range of people. With his profoundly layered and well-crafted production, Joey continues to inspire the masses with his music. His drive, focus, and tenacity lead him to become a relentless and unstoppable force within the independent hip hop circuit.

    His brand new single “1200” takes listeners on a journey through his unique rap style. His music transports his audience, enabling them to use music as an outlet and escape from the world.

    Also, his forthcoming projects will reflect his enthusiasm for music as an art form and will resonate with the cannabis community around the world. On these projects, he will delve deeper into the emotions that encompass the human psyche. This gifted paradox is here to reshape the industry while leaving his undeniable impression. Joey is a cannabis enthusiast whose Bando Farms brand is set to become a marijuana imprint.

    His goal with music is to utilize his gift to spread cannabis awareness and in doing so, being remembered as an icon. He is the missing piece to Hip Hop’s never-ending puzzle and the answer to the question that rap music has yet to ask.

    For now, be sure to stream “1200” available on all streaming platforms now. Watch the new visual for “1200” above and follow Joey Bando on social media for daily updates and new music.

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