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    Joe Budden Says His Co-Hosts “Didn’t Read” Their Contracts

    When it comes to a relationship turning sour, Joe Budden takes the cake. The podcast host recently fired his co-host Rory and Mal last week. While the two have supposedly spun false narratives about him, Budden wishes to clear the air. The former Slaughterhouse MC sat down with fans during a 30-minute session to basically explain that his co-host didn’t read their contracts thoroughly. While Rory and Mal demanded more money, Budden said otherwise.

    Joe Budden Fires His Friends Off The Podcast

    didn't read their contracts
    via HipHop Canada

    The number one rule when it comes to running a business is to never hire friends or family. Joe Budden learned that rule the hard way after publicly firing his co-host Rory off his podcast show. Soon after, the former Slaughterhouse MC fired his good friend Mal off the show as well. However, the two co-host didn’t take their sudden termination lightly. In fact, they reportedly felt they deserved more from the show, both in leadership and moneywise. According to Budden, Rory in particular, claimed he “deserved more and should have ran the show instead.” Apparently, his friend became greedy.

    In response to his public firing, Rory took to social media, attempting to focus on the positives. However, he also explained to fans that he’d tell his side of the story. “I’ll get to that messy s***t soon but in the meantime, I’m here to celebrate an amazing run,” the former Joe Budden Podcast host tweeted. It seemed like Rory tried taking the high road over the situation for now. Though, Budden fired off a series of tweets himself in an attempt to clear the air. According to the former rapper, Rory and Mal didn’t read their contracts thoroughly.

    They Didn’t Read Their Contracts

    didn't read their contracts
    via Complex

    After the comments Rory and Mal left about their termination, Joe Budden had plenty to say in response. In a 30-minute session with fans, the ex-Slaughterhouse MC explained that his former co-hosts became “entitled” and basically demanded more money. Additionally, the two had issues with accounting for 3 years straight.

    However, a million-dollar Spotify deal made tensions rise and led to fallouts. “At the time of the collapse, I don’t think these men fully understood their contract. I believe they didn’t read it thoroughly. While they negotiated it, I don’t think they were completely aware of its contents. However, I do think they eventually discovered what the contract stated during their accounting investigation.” Apparently, his co-host didn’t read the contract as thoroughly as they should. That revelation, however, didn’t exactly make the situation any better. Since their termination, Budden has attempted to reach out and apologize for his public outbursts, but to no avail. Rory and Mal made it clear they want nothing to do with their former boss.

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