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    Joe Budden HIT With Abuse Claims By Ex After Slamming Diddy’s Behavior

    Rapper and podcast host Joe Budden finds himself in the eye of a storm. Budden, known for his candid discussions on his popular platform, “The Joe Budden Podcast,” is facing backlash for two separate incidents that have put him under public scrutiny.

    Budden has been criticized for his decision to remove a segment from his podcast that reportedly contained a graphic video of Diddy assaulting Cassie. The move sparked outrage among listeners, leading to a wave of backlash. In response, Budden has maintained that he has ‘absolutely no ties’ to Diddy, distancing himself from the controversy.

    Adding fuel to the fire, Tahiry Jose, Budden’s ex-girlfriend, has come forward with allegations of abuse during their relationship. Jose, a New York star, detailed the alleged abuse in a recent interview, painting a picture of a tumultuous relationship that left her with a fractured rib, a broken nose, and the memory of being pushed down a flight of stairs, which spanned several years and ended in 2014.

    The couple, who were once the focus of a popular reality show, have since been the subject of online gossip regarding their relationship and their apparent friendship post-breakup. However, Jose’s recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked has shed light on the tumultuous nature of their relationship.

    The topic arose when Jose was discussing a recent incident on the show Marriage Bootcamp, where her most recent ex, Harlem’s Vado, attacked her during filming. This incident led to Vado’s removal from the program and sparked a flurry of rumors on social media. While addressing the incident, Jose mentioned past abusive relationships, leading to questions about Joe Budden.

    “I’ve had to endure this bully for the last 10 years,” she said. “I even befriended the bully. I didn’t know what else to do… Then watch your ex say something like, ‘Tahiry will fight a man…’” referring to Joe’s reaction to Vado’s attack. “I didn’t fight him. I was scared to death. No, I don’t walk around throwing apples or fighting a man. I’ve been beaten before. That relationship left me with a fractured rib, a broken nose because somebody was sending him a message….pushed me down a flight of stairs.”

    Jose also revealed her plans to leave Budden, which she believes triggered his anger.

    “I remember having a plan to leave because the reason he was so upset was because I was already leaving,” she continued. “Looking through my phone and sh*t. But I had already told him, give me two weeks to pack up my things, and he agreed to it. Then he started looking through my phone. Next thing you know, I got woken up by him dragging me from my ankle.”

    Budden, on the other hand, has acknowledged the volatile nature of his past relationships in interviews, on his podcast, and in his music, but has always downplayed the seriousness of his part in them. However, he was also accused by model Esther Baxter of beating her so badly she suffered a miscarriage.

    In response to Jose’s accusations, Budden issued a statement denying the allegations and accusing Jose of being a “lying, failed gold digger.” He claimed that Jose has tried to attach herself to him for over 15 years and continues to slight his name online.

    “We were toxic to each other,” Budden stated, reflecting on their past relationship. “Today, I’m very comfortable saying, you were abusive! You used to beat me! You threw things, you hit me, you kicked me, you did a whole bunch of stuff.”

    Budden’s counter-allegations have added a new layer to this unfolding drama, turning it into a he-said-she-said situation that has left fans and followers in a state of shock and confusion.

    In the midst of these accusations, Budden also addressed Jose’s claim that her nose was broken as a result of his abuse. He vehemently denied having any involvement in the incident, stating,

    “You were not clear in how and when and why you got your nose broken. And that I had absolutely nothing to do with that.”

    According to Budden, Jose called him after getting into a physical altercation with another man, during which her nose was broken. He expressed confusion as to why this story is being brought up now and how it’s being linked to him.

    As the news unfolds, fans and industry insiders alike are waiting to see how this situation will develop. The allegations against Budden have certainly cast a shadow over his career and have raised important questions about the treatment of women in the music industry. As for Jose, her bravery in coming forward has been commended by many, and her story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing and combating domestic abuse.

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